Introduction to Vegetable Fermentation

Successful fermentation depends on getting the essentials right and understanding the process. Brine-pickling and dry-brining techniques are the most basic and well-known fermentation skills, which is a good starting point for beginners. Participants will receive a hard-copy manual to work through with the video. Use fermentation vessels that completely restrict oxygen for mould-free results.

Optimizing Iron

It's been said, "You are what you eat." Realistically, we are only what we absorb. 

Preventing or treating iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia is seemingly straight forward: eat iron-rich foods or take an iron supplement. This many work for some people. For the rest of us, these changes alone may not stabilize iron. Instead our iron may flat-line (even with supplements) or yoyo. This is a cue that root factors have not been addressed. 

Learn the in's and out's of why our iron levels can be so darn challenging to maintain. I will provide long-term solutions, 15+ iron-rich recipes, and meal plans as an example of how to put the strategies into practice. Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free. Meal plans are friendly for vegetarians and meat-lovers.