Fermentation workshops are currently being overhauled. A new course structure is in the works with changes to the “Introduction to Vegetable Fermentation” course that has been offered the past three years. Plans are to expand the scope of fermentation beyond vegetable-based fermentation and incorporate more demos. The hope is to give people numerous fermentation ideas to implement at home.  

Workshops will be offered in the summer as seasonal food becomes available. As usual, we will offer workshops over September and October when winter vegetables are seasonal. If you would like Sarah to offer a fermentation workshop in your area and you have 12+ people committed to attend, then send Sarah an email. She can send you marketing material and help promote the course to meet the minimum registration number. Preference for bookings will be given to the largest groups. There are limited dates for in-person workshops.

Scheduled events for 2019

Gardener’s Day Fermentation Overview


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