Frequently Asked Questions

The Clear Skin Program addresses many elements of health that are relevant to people with a variety of health issues beyond the skin.  Currently, the Clear Skin Program is the only nutrition service offered in which Sarah gives personalized nutrition advice. Her hopes are to develop other nutrition programs for people who do not struggle with acne. The three courses – fermentation, sprouting, and detoxification – offer skills that would benefit everyone wanting to improve health.

The majority of health benefit providers cover services provided by dietitians/nutritionists with a professional license in good standing; however, the extent of coverage for dietitian services depends on your plan. Providers may cover dietitian services in full or in part. Contact your benefits provider to discuss whether your yearly plan covers the Clear Skin Program or three nutrition courses offered online or in-person. 

People without extended health benefit plans can make an appointment with registered dietitians that work for Alberta Health Service or Covenant Health. The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (provincial government) covers dietitian services in these facilities for any Albertan with a referral by a health professional. Talk to you doctor, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist if you require dietitian services. 

No referral is necessary for acceptance into the Clear Skin Program.

Here are few benefit providers that offer coverage or reimbursement of dietitian service claims:

  • Warren Shepell Employee Assistance Program
  • Blue Cross
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Clarica
  • Great West Life
  • Liberty Health
  • Manulife Financial
  • Sun life

Most health benefit plans cover nutrition education, i.e. nutrition courses, delivered by a registered dietitian/nutritionist. Whether these courses are offered online or in-person course shouldn’t change your coverage. Nutrition workshops that follow in-person courses may or may not be covered by your provider. Again, consult your health benefit provider to determine your eligibility. 

Equipment, such as fermentation jars, sold at in-person courses is not covered.