Everyone deserves good microbes without mould.


Pickl-It: The original anaerobic airlock jar system. Read Kathleen’s story, the mastermind behind this concept, and learn about her passion. All people residing in the U.S.A who are interested in this system of fermentation should purchase these jars through Pickl-It or the Probiotic Jar, below. The Airlock Fermenter is restricted to sales in Canada, but Canadians should free free to purchase from the the original mastermind – don’t worry, you will not hurt my feelings. I just want you to start fermenting!

The Probiotic Jar: This is another company that sells the airlock jar system, using Bormioli Rocco Fido jars for the perfect seal and exclusion of oxygen. This site also has fermentation video classes to empower you in fermentation. Take fermentation to a the highest level with their online Foundation for Functional Fermented Foods Seminar

Harsch Crock: Harsch crocks are an alternative to airlock jars. As pressure from CO2 inside the crock exceeds pressure holding the lid down, CO2 dissolves through the water in the gutter and is then released to the outside environment. This is the same principle used in airlock jars. These crocks are available in 5 to 20 litre at Earth General Store in Edmonton. Call ahead to ensure your desired size is stocked.

Fermentation Supplies

Cabbage Shredder: If you want the full traditional sauerkraut experience, consider using a wooden shredding board to process your cabbage or other vegetables. Yes, using a knife and elbow grease or a food processor will work; however, a shredding board yields thin shreds, which are ideal for sauerkraut. Shredders from cabbage shredder are made with natural beech wood and do not use any glues, polish, paint, or any artificial chemicals. These boards also come with a lifetime warranty, meaning they back their product – for a good reason. Use the discount code “bdferments” for a 15% discount. I’d suggest the professional size shredder

Redmond Real Salt: This salt is included in all airlock fermenting jars sold by ByDesign and used at our fermentation workshops. It is an unrefined dry sea salt with a wide mineral and trace mineral content. The only ingredient is sea salt! It is available in powder, fine, kosher, and coarse grain size. Fine grain is adequate for all self-brining and brine-pickled ferments. Find at health food stores and Superstore.

Pacific Salt: Among all the unrefined sea salts available, Pacific Salt is the cleanest, according to recent analysis. Experiment with it. In Canada, it is available for purchase at Planet Organic. Each salt imparts its own unique flavour. Experiment with various unrefined sea salts to determine the flavour you prefer. 

Fermentation Books

Wild Fermentation: Author and fermentation master, Sandor Katz, is famed for reviving fermentation. Buy his books to understand the breadth of fermentation, including grain, vegetable, dairy, legume, vinegar, wine, and beer worldwide. He presents many different styles to fermenting. Find one that suits you.

Fermentation Websites

The Nourished Kitchen: Fermentation is one part of this website that advocates for traditional food practices in line with what Weston A. Price recommended. Jenny has wonderful recipes, including those for ferments, which are easily adaptable to use with an airlock jar. 

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