Gut Health

Health Starts in the gut -a healthy gut characterized by trillions of diverse microbes. Bacteria, yeast, and fungi, collectively known as the gut microbiome, live throughout the intestinal tract, with the highest number congregating in the colon. When beneficial and harmful microbes are balanced in correct proportions, all (most) is well. When this composition is disturbed, digestive disorders and disease due to gut dysbiosis are triggered. Sometimes the affects are felt immediately; sometimes the affects manifest decades later. Gut dysbiosis is attributed to obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s and colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and necrotizing enterocolitis. None of these health challenges make life easy.

Much can be done to prevent and manage gut dysbiosis. Eating fermented foods daily will add to microbial diversity in the gut since these foods contain beneficial bacteria (click here for more information on Vegetable Fermentation Class and Workshops). These bacteria need food to survive. Non-digestible food particles from the food we consume become food for bacteria in the intestine. Our “leftovers” become food for bacteria, and stimulate growth and activity in bacteria. Toxins and anti-nutrients, on the other hand, harm bacteria. Toxins that harm bacteria include those produced in the body, which we have limited control over, and those found outside the body  (i.e. chemical toxins). Providing bacteria with food while avoiding or minimizing toxins will improve your current gut health.

The Gut Health Class will

  • provide an overview of beneficial and harmful bacteria,
  • explain how bacteria interact with cells along the intestine
  • identify sources of good bacteria in foods and supplements that add to the existing bacteria in the intestine,
  • explore non-nutritional factors that enhance and diminish gut health,
  • and guide you in constructing a food plan for achieving a healthier gut microbiome for life.

This class is intended for people who are interested in non-individualized nutrition education. For those wanting individualized nutrition counselling, either in addition to or in place of this class, please make an appointment.

The Next Class

Where: Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Elias, 4801 46 St, Bonnyville, AB (basement, side door access)

When: TBD

Fee: $20


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