Everyone deserves good microbes without mould.

The Airlock Fermenter is:

The Airlock Fermenter allows fermentation gases to escape while preventing oxygen from entering – provided the airlock is filled with water and inserted through the grommet correctly. Bail-wire jars vs. mason jars create a true seal when the lid is clamped. Both the airlock and bail-wire jar ensures complete absence of oxygen. This promotes growth of lactic acid bacteria, restricts mould growth, and limits histamine-producing bacteria.

Any jar with a threaded lid requires heat to form a seal between the rubber gasket and the glass jar. Other systems that sell threaded airlock lids to screw onto canning jars don’t exclude oxygen 100%. Fermentation can still be successful using other fermentation systems, but oxygen still permeates the jar. Where there is oxygen and nutrients, there is mould and much different flavours.

Bormioli Rocco Fido jars are cadmium and lead free and made with a special annealing process. All other components are free of BPA and other toxins. Food and toxins don’t mix!

The jars come in 0.5, 0.75, 1 , 1.5 , 2 , 3 , and 5 litre sizes. Bundle specials are also available. Explore your options in the “Shop.”

No need to sterilize. Clean your jars and airlock with soap and water. Then fill your jars with vegetables; submerge under a brine; place a weight overtop; insert the airlock into the lid; and clamp shut. Watch and wait.

Several fresh, high quality, raw ferments add variety to your diet at every meal and diversity to your intestinal microbiome. Save money and add your personal flavour flare by making homemade ferments. Ensure the fermentation process is mould-free and long enough to work through the bacterial products that some people react to.

Affordable is our goal. That is why prices are kept as low as possible year round. As requested by past customers, the glass weight is standard with all jars except the 0.5 L, since few people have a flat glass food-grade weight in their home. The mini airlock is optional  as some people have root cellars. Including this as a standard item with the jars would only drive up the price.

Everyone deserves good microbes without mould. Cost should not be a limiting factor.

Something unique happens during fermentation when vegetables are fermented in anaerobic vessels. The flavour is unlike anything you’ll buy from the grocery store or get from ferments processed in mason jars or open crocks. 

All fermentation systems submerge vegetables under a brine. The Airlock Fermenter goes ones step further by completely excluding oxygen from the vessel. It does not linger overtop of brine because the seal is airtight. Carbon dioxide from fermenting bacteria displaces oxygen and pushes it out through the airlock.

The difference in taste among all fermentation methods is not the recipe; it’s whether oxygen is completely excluded from the vessel or left to linger. 

Choose from several jar sizes and bundle options.