My Approach

At ByDesign Nutrition & Health, I recognize that individuals are uniquely designed.  That is why each plan I create for clients is designed with their uniqueness in mind, considering their nutritional needs, health challenges, food sensitivities, food preferences, and stage of life.  I work alongside clients, coaching them in setting nutrition and lifestyle goals and developing a plan to achieve their goals.

I also recognize that individuals were designed to flourish – body, mind, soul, and spirit – not in the absence of hardships, but because of them.  Eating whole foods in adequate amounts at the right times plays a huge role in this; however, nutrition is not the only factor contributing to our flourishing.  There are many other supportive practices fundamental to flourishing, including sleeping well, exercising, pursuing passions, believing and telling yourself the truth, investing into relationships, breathing clean air, serving others, managing stress, and having spiritual and emotional supports.

Even when goo health practices are in place, there are other agents that disrupt how the body was designed to function, causing many health challenges.  These agents include chemical toxins (heavy metals and harmful chemicals), biological toxins (mold and infections), physical toxins (electromagnetic radiation), metabolic toxins (naturally produced in the body but are harmful), sensitivity toxins (food and scent triggers for people with sensitivities), psychological toxins (stress and harmful emotions), and nutritional deficiencies.  Simply, flourishing is giving the body what it needs and avoiding the things it does not need.

Below is a diagram that summarizes the health concept I use towards helping people flourish:


It is my mission at ByDesign Nutrition & Health to raise awareness around the factors that prevent us from flourishing while supporting people in making lifestyle changes that promotes their flourishing.  I invite you to join me on a journey towards living by design and making the best of life.

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