Welcome to Optimizing Iron

An online course sharing a whole-foods approach to Optimize iron absorption

Stop your iron levels from yo-yoing.

You feel that familiar fatigue again – the type that leaves you tired when you wake up, tired when you go to sleep, and tired in between. You can’t exercise like you used to and, sometimes, even walking up the stairs makes you want to sit down.

You just don’t feel like you normally do, yet you push on.

Your brain feels like it is on vacation, leaving you at a loss for remembering names and even connecting the thought dots in your brain. Your work performance has decreased, and you hope no one else notices your absent-mindedness as you wait for your brain to return..

You go to your doctor, and your lab results confirm iron deficiency. Not again! You were trying to eat more iron-rich foods with vitamin C, but it doesn’t seem to help. Taking an iron supplement helped a bit, though you hated feeling constipated. After all that, your symptoms returned in 3-4 months after coming off the supplement. Why?!!! 

             Sound familiar?

Ya, that was me too, and I'm a dietitian!

Many people don't realize that ALL of
these symptoms can be early warning signs of low iron levels:

Join us to learn a long-term strategy for maintaining your iron level while nourishing the whole body. Feel like yourself again; have more energy for the things and people you love; and showcase your best performance. You know you are capable of doing so much better. 

What you will learn

Upon completion of this course, you will:

Available Thursday, April 16

Three things you need to know:

1. Stabilizing your iron is more than eating iron-rich foods (its a good start though!).
2. You can unlock more iron from foods by preparing them differently.
3. You can improve the absorption of iron in your gut.

Who is this course for?

Those diagnosed with iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia.
Those with normalized ferritin and hemoglobin levels, yet who continue to feel unwell.

Meet your instructor

Sarah Parsons

Registered Dietitian

As someone who has struggled with iron levels for most of my life, I’ve discovered that stabilizing iron levels isn’t only about eating more iron-rich foods. It took me decades to connect my symptoms with recurrent episodes of iron deficiency, at times dipping into iron-deficieny anemia. It even took going through a 3-years journey with chronic fatigue syndrome to truly get a grasp on reading and understanding my symptoms. Trust me, I know fatigue and feeling spacey in my head. After integrating my knowledge in nutrient bioavailability, gut health, and food science, I present evidence-based strategies to help people feel like themselves again.

Fatigue and tiredness are not the same. Tiredness is often relieved by a good sleep and exercise; fatigue is a daily, whole-body lack of energy not relieved by sleep and increased by exercise.

Included with registration

Optimizing Iron is an online course with material delivered through a combination of tutorial videos, powerpoint videos, downloadable recipe guides, and additional learning resources. All you need is an internet connection, and a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

To be more specific, this course includes:


All services provided by registered dietitians and registered nutritionists are deductible medical expenses on your Canadian Income Tax. In addition, the majority of health benefit providers also cover nutrition services offered by these professionals in-person and online; however, the extent of coverage for dietitian services depends on your plan.

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I encourage everyone to submit questions in advance. The Q&A session will be recorded and available for replay, so you won’t miss out on anything.

The symptoms of iron deficiency are similar to those of hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue syndrome. To ensure you get the most value out of this course, it is best to confirm iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia through lab tests ordered by your doctor or pharmacist. This course is also helpful for people who have had issues with low iron levels in the past, because it is common for iron levels to drop after receiving iron therapy.

Due to the nature of this course, there is no refund given in the event you changed your mind after registering for the course. Before purchasing the course, please consider whether you want to invest time into stabilizing your iron level for good.