Sauerkraut juice recipe

Sauerkruat juice takes cabbage juice to a whole new level of health with the added benefits of good microbes, enzymes, and disease-fighting compounds. It’s the homemade version of a Farmhouse Culture Gut Shot for a fraction of the cost while giving you more control over ingredients, flavour, and quality. With no added sugar, this drink aligns with the GAPS, candida diet, and gut-healing protocols.

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Chimichurri Sauce

In the world of meat-eaters, chimichurri sauce and beef is a match made in heaven. Paired together, the two form a perfect culinary experience. Basic

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Zucchini Dill Pickle Soup

There are few recipes containing homemade lacto-fermented vegetables that I will subject to heat. High heat kills bacteria – good and bad – and my

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